Late last year Nintendo's Indie World showcase included a look at the publishing debut of DONTNOD Entertainment, Gerda: A Flame in Winter, which is being developed by Danish studio PortaPlay. DONTNOD is well known for the first two Life is Strange games and Tell Me Why on Xbox, so unsurprisingly it's working with a team focused on a narrative experience. It's coming to Steam and Switch, making it a console exclusive for Nintendo's system, and it now has a release date: 1st September.

As a reminder it's described as a 'narrative RPG-lite', and it has a rather pleasant art style as well. Below is part of the official description to give you a sense of what to expect:

In this poignant narrative game inspired by real life events, the Danish village of Tinglev is under German occupation during World War II. Players will walk the path of Gerda Larsen, an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances who is forced to take a stand after her life is suddenly turned upside down.

One day, Gerda returns home from the clinic where she works as a nurse. She notices blood has as she enters the house and soon discovers that her husband, Anders, is being arrested by the Gestapo. He has left behind important resistance documents, and it looks like many Danish and German lives will depend on her next actions.

A tale told not on the front line, but within the intimate setting of the small Danish village Gerda has lived her whole life.

Armed only with her wits, compassion, and insight, the advantage she has as a civilian is the knowledge of her community and village. Gerda’s personality traits are her skills, and her connection with others will also determine how the story unfolds. Choices are made through a mix of exploration and dialog, as well as resource and relationship management. Each day, she writes about her experiences and the actions she took in her diary, which players will use to develop aspects of her personality to allow Gerda to deal with situations in different ways.

No doubt there'll be more information and new footage released ahead of launch, we'll be sure to share updates as they land.