Nintendo France has shared brand new gameplay footage for the upcoming Mario Strikers: Battle League, the first Mario Strikers title in the series for 15 years. In fact, this new footage is the first time we've seen a full match play out in-game.

Next Level Games' soccer game looks like it will be retaining the energy and character of previous Mario Strikers games. The match lasts about six minutes and gives us a glimpse at just how things might play out, be we also get to see how the characters move on the pitch and interact with the ball.

Bowser is up to some dirty tricks as he slaps the ball with his hands to score a goal for his team. We see Peach attempts a Charged Shot before having the ball taken off of her. Little Toad is scuttling around the pitch with his tiny legs. And it's almost impossible to miss the splendour of Waluigi striding around.

While we can see Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, Waluigi, Yoshi, and Rosalina on the pitch for this match, fans have been particularly worried about the smaller roster. Only ten characters have been confirmed so far, and fan favourite Daisy hasn't been spotted in any trailers thus far, leading to a lot of speculation and concern:

But, as is typical for this series, Mario Strikers: Battle League is bursting with personality. Every character's traits are amped up to eleven — and even the French commentator is really getting into the match! Does he come with the game?

We don't have very long to wait for Next Level Game's chaotic sports game, as Mario Strikers: Battle League launches on 10th June. You can pre-order the game down below, and US readers can also get 10% off a $50 eShop card from our store too:

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