Shantae Limited Run Games Physical Store NL
Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassl

Update [Tue 17th May, 2022 20:00 BST] Well, the update came a lot sooner than we expected! Zion's full trip to Limited Run Games' physical game store — and it's here to stay. Featuring merchandise, cut-outs, playable games, and neon lighting, it's a glorious nostalgia trip.

The video is a 26-minute love letter to physical media, retro gaming, and video game stores, with shots of the inside the store alongside Zion's thoughts and commentary. Of course, he couldn't come back from a video game store empty-handed, could he? Zion nabbed a few physical games while he was there, including Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, Celeste, and the Mother / EarthBound Beginnings soundtrack.

Thanks to Limited Run Games for inviting us to visit the store! And we hope you enjoy the video.

Original article [Fri 13th May, 2022 18:00 BST] New physical game stores don't come around very often, okay, so we're pretty excited about this. We got an invite to attend the grand opening of Limited Run Games' new store, which is bursting with physical games of both the new and retro variety — and not just games the publisher and distributor.

Situated inside the MacGregory Village shopping center in the town of Cary in North Carolina, the store opened its doors on 30th April and is open every Friday 12pm – 9pm EDT, Saturday 10am – 9pm EDT, and Sunday 11am – 6pm EDT.

So, what did we decide to do when we got there? Film it and take in the neon-soaked sights, of course! Or the lovely Zion did, anyway. A lot of us are too far away, sadly. This video is only a taste of what the store is like — we can see Shantae and the Seven Sirens skateboards, River City Girls plushies, tons of boxed games (some preowned, some imported), and someone handing out exclusive Limited Run trading cards! The highlight is Zion dropping the Shantae monkey plush in the crane game, though.

We'll be going more in-depth into this nostalgic store, but for now, we want to share a little teaser of what you can find inside the store along with comments from some excited guests.

Let us know if you have had the chance to go to the store yet, or if you're planning to visit soon!

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