During today's Indie World showcase, Swedish developer Landfall made an appearance to announce that its hit wobbler-based strategy game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, will flail its way onto the Switch this summer.

Often called TABS, this goofy battle sim is meant to capture the feeling of playing with action figures as a kid, and the ragdoll physics radiate the kind of joy you might exude when playing out fake battles with you and your sibling's toys.

The game originally launched in Early Access in 2019, and the full version came out on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox consoles in 2021 to a huge amount of praise. According to its Steam page (at the time of writing this), it's the "20th best Steam game of all time, with 98% positive reviews from 51,570 gamers!”, which is extremely impressive for a game that's only been out for a year.

Landfall's press release details what kind of silliness you can expect on Switch later this year:

Be the leader of red and blue wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest physics system ever created. When you grow tired of the 100+ wobblers at your disposal you can make new ones in the unit creator. You can also send your wobblers to fight your friends or strangers in online multiplayer. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) was conjured up during a week-long game jam in a castle in 2016. It quickly became apparent that physics-based fighting was amazing and it didn't take long before the rest of the world caught on, with 4.5 million players.

So, we should go in and expect a rip-roaring daft ol' time, from floppy demons to shaky sword swings, then? You can find out more about TABS over on the game's website, or you can see just where and how you can goof around in these rather lovely, colourful screens:

Will you be grabbing this Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to play with your friends over the summer? Jiggle on down to the comments.