Numskull Games has given us a sneak peek ahead of time at all of the gameplay systems coming to retro throwback Final Vendetta. From these five minutes of footage alone, it's plain to see that this is a love letter to Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and Final Fight. You'll be punching and kicking your way through the streets of London to rescue your sister from a crime gang.

The preview is an overview of how to play the game, and what moves you'll be able to tackle foes with Final Vendetta. Numskull Games showcases the game's unique block button, the ability to attack someone behind you, and — to make enemies feel really humiliated — kick them when they're face-first on the floor. Dying mid-brawl will drop you back into battle quickly and will also clear the screen — the thud of your impact really is that powerful!

The characters also get their time to shine too. Duke Sancho, the bare-fisted knuckle fighter is nimble and agile, with fast jabs and a powerful bicycle kick, and he fights with style and flash. Essex-born Claire Sparks is a martial arts specialist, with palm thrusts, airborne kicks, and two different throw variations. The two Brits are joined by Canadian ex pro-wrestler Miller T. Williams, who can break spines, dropkicks, and suplex enemies down.

Arcade Mode features six different locations across London, with secrets like hidden lives and dangerous weapons to be uncovered. There's also a Boss Rush Mode where you can take on each of the unique and eclectic bosses one after the other, or a Survival Mode where you keep on fighting hordes of enemies until you run out of steam. Of course, with these kinds of games, you should always grab a friend and play through the whole thing together — or show them who the true ruler of the streets of London is.

Check out the full preview at the top for a more in-depth rundown of the characters and gaeplay modes. But don't forget, we got a chance to try out the game ahead of time, and we think the game "promises to give you your fix" of side-scrolling beat 'em up flair:

Final Vendetta launches on Switch in just a few weeks, on 17th June! Have you got your pre-order in? And what do you think of both our preview and the publisher's? Let us know in the comments!