Super Mario Monpoly Junior
Image: Hasbro / Nintendo

If you were a fan of Hasbro's Super Mario Monopoly when it was released back in 2020, but are looking for something that's a bit more accessible for younger audiences, you might want to check out Monopoly Junior: Super Mario Edition.

This new themed version is available on Amazon for $21.99 USD. Junior is "just like the classic", but is designed for younger players". In the Super Mario Edition you will explore the Mushroom Kingdom filled with familar artwork, themes and gameplay.

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You'll be able to play as Mario, Peach, Yoshi or Luigi while you buy up properties and collect coins. The player with the most coins wins. There's also a special power-up die and coin sound unit. The board spaces feature both "scenes and themes" from the series - such as Yoshi's Hill, Cooligan Fields and Rock-Candy mines.

"The Monopoly Junior game teams up with Super Mario characters and themes for action-packed excitement! In this Monopoly Junior: Super Mario Edition board game kids can imagine taking a fun adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom. They can choose to play as Mario, Peach, Yoshi, or Luigi, and move around the gameboard buying up properties and collecting coins. Players roll the power-up die to see if they get to press the Coin Sound Unit to hear the iconic coin sound from Super Mario, and to collect coins. This fun game for kids makes a great birthday or holiday gift for Super Mario fans and kids ages 5+."

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Hasbro has also released The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition and Super Mario Jenga. Will you be adding this board game to your Super Mario collection? As always, leave a comment down below.

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