People like cats, we get it. The gaming world - and Switch - is full of cat games, either starring cats or centred around caring for them, or just focus on chilling in a virtual cat café. So many cats.

Some of us prefer the qualities that dogs can offer, though, and a rather charming title on the way to Switch later this year will give a creative twist to a true story. Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home picks up the story of Bea, a dog sent into space in the early years of the space race. In reality a number of animals were sent to their deaths to test technology ahead of manned missions, but this game aims to craft a fantastical adventure around Bea as a surviving canine.

Bea is a cheerful and courageous character, but the player must remember that she is just a... dog. She has all the characteristics of a mongrel - she barks, likes to chase her own tail, and learns about the world through her senses. Bea can sniff, listen and observe. These are the main mechanics of detective mode which will help her in exploring and understanding her environment.

Bea travels through space discovering more planets. Each planet is different and has its specific inhabitants, who can either become friends of the main character or be very unfriendly towards her. We are convinced that exploring this amazing world together with Bea will give the player a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

It looks rather nice in the trailer, a platforming adventure with some stylish visuals and plenty of charm. It's due out this Autumn / Fall on Switch alongside PC and other consoles.

One to watch, perhaps?