Assemble Entertainment has released a brand new teaser for the upcoming sci-fi Zelda-like, XEL. This top-down "love letter to classic Zelda" is coming to Switch this summer, but developer Tiny Roar has launched a demo on Steam to let people see for themselves what it can do with the Zelda formula.

While a Switch demo doesn't look like it's on the way, we do have a brand new teaser that showcases the game's lightning-fast combat and bright and varied environments. You won't get flamethrowers easily in a Zelda game, nor will you seem some of the mechanical monstrosities that protagonist Reid will have to explore.

The game was shown off at last weekend's Indie Live Expo, and we've got a summary of what the team shared, as well as what to expect from the game, from a press release:

In XEL, you’ll take the leading role as Reid, an amnesiac traveler stranded in a mysterious world where only a painfully deep dive into her subconscious will unlock the knowledge needed to find her way out. The ability to jump through space and time doesn’t hurt, either! A love letter to classic Zelda titles, XEL melds sci-fi fantasy with the familiarity of old-school dungeon exploration, creating a marvelously enigmatic world full of challenging puzzles, fiendish boss battles, and brimming with witty characters.

Presented during Steam’s Indie Live Expo 2022, the newly released demo showcases the first 30 minutes of the highly anticipated adventure, including an exciting look into the first mini boss fight against the menacing “Overseer.” Paired with Chap, her spunky and spirited sentient mechanical companion, Reid confronts armies of robotic enemies, as well as her own cryptic past. What is her connection to this perplexing world, and how can she regain the memories she’s lost?

Key Features of XEL Include:

- Old School Meets New School: Retro meets modern in a classic top-down RPG gameplay style, and a well-crafted combat system comprised of different attacks, dodging, parrying, and clever gadgets
- Adventure Through Space and Time: Explore the mysterious world of XEL and uncover its dark past, utilizing mind-bending time travel to unlock the secrets of the mysterious land
- A Timeless Audio-visual Experience:
Composed by Gidon Wolff, XEL offers a timeless soundtrack complemented by vibrant visuals, handcrafted by a passionate indie team

XEL releases on Switch this summer, so hopefully we'll hear about a more specific release date soon. You can also check out the demo on the game's Steam page, or read through the latest Devlog from Tiny Roar, which goes over some of the game's weapons, enemies, and the inspiration behind the warp portals!

How do you think XEL is shaping up so far? Let us know in the comments.