2017 co-op beat 'em up Samurai Riot is getting a brand new release — and the best part? It's coming to Switch!

Created by French indie studio Wako Factory, Samurai Riot is a side-scrolling beat 'em up in the same vein as Streets of Rage and Final Fight but with a focus on story and multiple branching paths. The game releases on Switch as Samurai Riot Definitive Edition, which comes with all-new features including new dialogue, optimisation, and an improved combo system to make the game a bit more accessible.

Here's some extra detail about the game, including all of the new features, from the press release:

Hound Picked Games, together with Wako Factory, a French indie development studio, is excited to announce Samurai Riot Definitive Edition, after its successful launch in 2017 is soon to be rereleased on Nintendo Switch and PC. With constant community and forum requests for a console version, the Nintendo Switch releases on June 1st 2022 with new features and enhancements to make it as a 2D, solo or co-op arcade beat'em up not to be missed!

New, bigger, better, a must-play!

Since the original incarnation this new definitive version offers lots, lots more,

New features:
- New animations @60fps
- New dialogs
- Pixel perfect stability and optimization (10 times lighter than the initial version)
- Slicker and improved combos (easier to make huge combos for average player)
- New updated backgrounds and ambiance

Fans of this genre can look forward to a visual treat, where a backdrop story compels the player to really think about their decisions in game and the ramifications of their choices . Having been hired to bring peace and tranquillity to the warring land, each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/ Sukane, will have an influence on your destiny and, with an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal, the fight to make it through each battle will require guile, skill and forethought!

Samurai Riot offers a plethora of choices and features including both solo and cooperative play, where the story immerses both players equally, with a multi-branching storyline, complete with eight different endings. Conversely, you could enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead! The more you play, the more you accumulate points to unlock new fighting schools for better replay value.

Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, Samurai Riot Definitive Edition rewards the more demanding gamer with deeper content. Players can choose from 14 fighting schools that add a plethora of gameplay variation to the character’s moves and the devastation they can unleash upon their enemies.

- A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks
- Multi-branching storyline with moral decision making
-8 different endings
-2D Arcade Gameplay
-Strong replay value: change your gameplay by choosing between various fighting schools
-Superb in-game music and SFX

Tsurumaru and Sukane both have different playstyles, and there are multiple schools of Japanese combat you can learn throughout the game. Play alone, or with a friend, to uncover all eight endings and fight in a world full of Japanese mythology. It's a fun take on the genre which is seeing a pretty big revival at the moment — come and take a glimpse at what makes it look different visually:

Samurai Riot Definitive Edition launches on the Switch eShop on 1st June — and yes, June really is quite soon. Will you be donning your katana and picking this up to take down evil on the streets of feudal Japan? Let us know in the comments!