Pokemon Waffles
Image: Pokémon Center

So there are various reasons we at Nintendo Life would like to go to Japan. One of the biggest is all the fancy video game-themed cafés dotted around Tokyo. Capcom, Square Enix — Dragon Quest even gets its own — there are tons of places to eat and drink that are inspired by your favourite video games, from eating moogle burgers to sipping on t-Virus drinks.

It's probably not a surprise to anyone, then, that Pokémon also has its own food stores. The Pokémon Center in Japan is already a wildly popular destination for natives and tourists, and you can throw the Pokémon Café into the mix with its irresistible treats, like pancakes with a Pikachu tail, rice served in a sleeping Snorlax bowl, and curry inspired by the Galar region.

Back in December 2019, an offshoot of the Pokémon Café opened its doors called Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Café. Where the main restaurants served both savoury and sweet food, Pikachu Sweets serves up a variety of sugary treats, pastries, coffee, iced drinks, and desserts. The store, which is inside the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro, has long been serving up a range of small "Pokefuru" waffles — waffles that resemble the ears of Plusle, Minun, and Morpeko in both its Fully Belly and Hangry mode. Yet despite it being called "Pikachu" Sweets, the iconic electric mouse didn't have his own little waffle. Until now.

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Image: Pokémon Center

Just like his other electric-type friends, Pikachu's ear waffle (never let us type that out again) is decorated to match the Pokemon, with black tips and bold-yellow colouring. It comes in a little paper bag with a sparkly-eyed Pikachu munching on a Poké Ball cookie. it's pretty darn cute.

The Pikachu “Pokefuru” Waffle won't be joining the menu until 11th June, but if you buy the ears with a latte you'll get a set of adorable little stickers! The waffle on its own will cost 550 yen, which is less that £3.50 — not bad for a novelty food! Though it's a little dinky. It depends how resistant you are to cuteness, really. We're not great at that.

We'd love to see something like this here. Many parts of the world have only recently been getting Pokémon Center stores, so maybe cafés are on the way next? Perhaps followed by a patisserie?

Come on, Nintendo — give us something like this!

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