Image: Nintendo Life

We love when game consoles are recreated into new and exciting pieces of tech. The latest 'Frankenstein' creation is by Twitter user @redherring32 and it's called the 'TinyTendo', a handheld console made from NES hardware with the form factor of a Game Boy.

The project utilises custom made miniature game cartridges, but since the handheld itself uses real NES hardware, the original cartridges can also be used with an adapter.

It looks gorgeous, right? The creator states that he used real NES chips that have been cut and sanded down to size, making them less than 7% the size of the originals.

It's certainly a novel way of experiencing NES games, though we'd be a bit nervous about taking such a cool invention out and about with us! Thankfully, we've got plenty of NES games available via the Nintendo Switch Online service.

What do you make of @redherring32's invention? Would you welcome a NES handheld from Nintendo itself? Let us know!