Mario / Elden Ring
Image: Nintendo Life

Mario has seen his fair share of locale over the years, from the tropical paradise of Isle Delfino to the bustling streets of New Donk City, and even... well, outer space. With not an ounce of fear in his heart, our favourite plumber takes to new challenges with gusto, but do we think he would last in Elden Ring's vast and deadly world of 'The Lands Between'?

Well, if we're to take a recent tweet from user @Lucky_BunTTV seriously, Mario may well feel quite at home in Elden Ring's world, as it bears a remarkable resemblance to 'Dinosaur Land' seen in the iconic SNES platformer, Super Mario World.

If you've played Elden Ring, then the similarities between The Lands Between and Dinosaur Land are simply too stark to ignore. You've got the starting area of Lingrave in the West, the Lovecraftian wasteland of Caelid to the South, and the Mountaintops of the Giants to the North-East - it all fits.

Of course, if you compare the two maps directly, there are clear differences in the geography, but when taken as a whole, the overall layout of The Lands Between certainly reminds us of Dinosaur Land; clearly we weren't the only ones to think that, either.

Lands Between
Image: Bandai Namco

Seems pretty clear to us! But what do you think? Pure coincidence? Or do you think The Lands Between took a bit of inspiration from Super Mario World's Dinosaur Land? Let us know!