Nintendogs IMG 2 Cropped
Image: bennypvideo via TikTok

Update [Tue 17th May, 2022 01:30 BST]: TikTok user Ben 'bennypvideo' Pollard has now uploaded part four and part five (the final chapter) of this story. In the final part, he decides to rehome the dogs. You can see how the entire story unfolds on YouTube or watch the last segment below:

Original story [Wed 4th May, 2022 03:45 BST]: We're all probably guilty of neglecting our Nintendogs over the years, but have you ever lost your virtual pups?

Nintendo Life reader and TikTok user Ben 'bennypvideo' Pollard has become a bit of a viral sensation on the social media platform recently after he apparently found an "abandoned" Nintendogs cartridge on a late-night train in London.

He's published three videos about this story so far and has gained almost half a million views. Assuming it's not a hoax, it documents his totally legitimate discovery of the cartridge, the restoration of it, and meeting the pups (Tyson and Enzo) who were no doubt happy to see a friendly face.

As you can see in the video above, the owner of these doggies is simply named "sean". In an email to Nintendo Life, Pollard described the whole experience as "bizarre" and said he now had hopes of reuniting the virtual pups with their original owner, who potentially just lost the cartridge on a train ride. We hope this can help.

You can watch part one and part two of the video over on TikTok, and the fourth video is on the way. Have you ever lost a game cartridge on public transport or when you were out and about? Leave a comment down below.