Eagle-eyed game fans have noticed something in The Sims 4 — a suspiciously amphibian piece of bum-furniture. That's right! It's a Froggy Chair, and everyone knows that Animal Crossing invented Froggy Chairs in the year of our frog, two thousand and one.

One of the newly-announced Stuff Packs for The Sims 4, which are small expansion packs that add a bunch of furniture, clothing, and items to the game, is "Little Campers Kit", which includes a bunch of outdoor furniture. Sims leakers have seemingly found out what some of these items are:

Image: SimplySimming/EA Maxis

Exhibit A, Your Honour: That there's a Froggy Chair.

But wait! There's more! It turns out that The Sims 3 also had a Froggy Chair:

Gasp. How long has this swampy swindle been going on?!

Our hypothesis is that The Sims 4 team knows exactly what they're doing, because the icon for the entire Stuff Pack is... wait for it... A FROGGY CHAIR. Enhance!


According to the official art, it looks like this Froggy Chair pretender also comes in other designs, like a bear, a pig, a yeti, and a corgi, but we all know the truth. We all know that Maxis and EA have been conspiring to, er, make frog content for a while now.

Exhibit B, Your Honour! FROG CONTENT:

It's a froggy conspiracy, folks. A conspiracy... to put froggy chairs in everything. Stay safe out there.

The Little Campers Kit comes out for The Sims 4 today.