We've featured the extraordinary TheDominoKing before here at Nintendo Life, but their latest creation is truly stunning. This time, the domino enthusiast has created a stunning Mario & Luigi tribute that's utterly hypnotic to watch take shape.

This three-part masterpiece starts with a chain of dominos crashing into a huge domino warp pipe, which collapses into the second line of blocks. These then form a pixel art Super Mario Bros.-style piece, which then links up to the final gorgeous piece with Mario and Luigi high-fiving — just like this art from Super Mario Maker 2.

The whole tribute has been created with over 33,000 dominos (which is a "smaller project", apparently!). We can't imagine how long that took to set up, plan out, or even get all of the right colours! But it must've been incredibly satisfying to finish it off.

The DominoKing has done tons of video game-themed domino tributes over the years. Back when Yoshi's Crafted World came out, TheDominoKing created a 34,000 domino Yoshi piece. The artist has also done tributes to Sonic, Zelda, Undertale, Paper Mario, and Pokémon. So make sure you check out TheDominoKing's YouTube channel and try not to think about how many times he may have accidentally knocked over his pieces!

[source youtube.com, via nintendosoup.com]