Last Friday, Yoshi's Crafted World finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. As you'd probably expect from a game featuring everyone's favourite egg-laying dinosaur sidekick, the whole thing's pretty darn adorable.

As a dedication to the game (or the demo, actually), YouTube user TheDominoKing created the video up above. The project took "around a week of work" and used a whopping 34,788 dominoes in total; it even copies the game's Flip Side idea, with the camera showing both the front and back of some handcrafted materials.

You'll spot the likes of Yoshi himself, Poochy, and even a recreation of the game's logo tucked away in there. We've no idea how anyone manages to set something like this up without accidentally tripping over and ruining the whole thing, so kudos to you, TheDominoKing!

Have you been playing Yoshi's Crafted World? How have you been getting on? Let us know in the comments below.

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