Irregular Choice Pokemon

If you're feeling as bold as a Boldore and love Pokémon more than life itself, this extravagant but pricey new line of Pokémon clothing could be just the ticket.

Fashion brand Irregular Choice, known for its quirky and 'out-there' footwear and accessories, is launching a perfectly on-brand set of Pokémon goods that's sure to turn heads. There are a variety of shoes, bags and purses available to order – as long as you don't mind spending some serious cash to get your hands on them.

We've rounded up some of our favourite designs for you below. UK readers can visit Irregular Choice's website to see a slightly different collection of products.

Irregular Choice - Pokémon Shoes

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Irregular Choice - Pokémon Bags & Purses

Are you tempted by anything on offer? What do you think of the designs? Let us know in the usual place.