Breath Of The Wild 2 Link And Zelda With A Torch
Image: Nintendo

Because of its recent delay, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 rumours are swirling around, with fans dissecting every screen, trailer, and interview.

Nintendo has been pretty coy about sharing information on the upcoming Zelda game, even refusing to reveal the title in case it gives away too much. Except the company can't necessarily control what some people working on the game say.

Now, before we dive into things, it's dangerous to encounter spoilers. So, if you want to go into Breath of the Wild 2 completely unspoiled, then hit that back button now! Anything beyond here could reveal potential details for the open-world sequel, and we wouldn't want to take that experience away from you.

Here's your chance to flee and save yourself from the spoilers down below.

Those of you still here, well, we don't have a sword to give you, but we can reward you with some small, potentially juicy details from Breath of the Wild 2. Remember, though, we're still a while away from the game's release, so these spoilers might not make it into the final game.

With that being said, let's jump into things. Emanuele from Lega Hyrule, an Italian Zelda fan community, recently had the chance to interview one of the Italian voice actors working on Breath of the Wild 2 — and it's a returning one, too.

Speaking to Pietro Ubaldi, the voice for Daruk in the original game, the actor reveals that he is voicing "Daruk's ancestor" in the follow-up, who sounds a bit more serious than his eventual successor. Emanuele confirms that this ancestor is not Darunia — the Goron from Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker — but Ubaldi couldn't remember the name.

It's a little bit sad this is likely not a fun reference to the rest of the Zelda series, but Emanuele puts forward that this Goron ancestor could possibly be the Champion from 10,000 years ago, the original pilot of the Divine Beast Rudania.

In the brief interview, Ubaldi confirmed that he is also voicing Daruk in the sequel, too. But, if you remember, Daruk is in the afterlife during the events of Breath of the Wild. So, what's going on here? Will Link be visiting the afterlife? Flashbacks? Will there be time travel? Just some more of Daruk's Protection, ready to roll? What of the other Champions' ancestors?

Whatever this means, fans are wildly speculating as to what this could mean over on ResetEra, including timeline shenanigans. People have brought up A Link to the Past comparisons too. So, will Breath of the Wild 2 be to ALTTP as Breath of the Wild was to The Legend of Zelda? At the very least, we can gather that dubbing is underway in certain parts of the world.

If you were brave enough to watch the interview and get here — congrats! Be mindful of others, but let us know what you think of the theories, or this interview, in the comments!