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The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - New Releases

Best Month Ever! (Klabater, 5th May, £16.19 / €17.99) - Take part in a roller coaster of emotions with Louise embarking on a road trip of a lifetime through the late 1960s USA, trying to show her son Mitch how to navigate the often cruel modern world. What Does It Take To Be A Mother? Telling good from bad was never easy, all the less when you're a single mum in her late 20s with a clever 8-year-old under your care. Each choice you make in the crucial few moments we all know may change our lives for good in a split of a second, influence what kind of person Mitch turns out to be and what values shall guide him once he becomes his own man. Why Are You Who You Are? Find clues as to why Louise’s life is what it is today, take crucial decisions no other person would be strong enough to stomach and show Mitch what he needs to see in order for him to become independent, suave and brave enough to conquer the day. Everything Has Consequences Your decisions REALLY matter!

Casino Heaven: Slots & Bonus Games (T-Bull, 5th May, £7.19 / €7.99) - Welcome to Casino Heaven! Are you ready for an intense game full of excitement? There is a lot to be won, starting with respect and ending with a lot of virtual cash! Casino Heaven has three game modes differing by symbols, bet sizes, winnings, and unique games. - Lucky Seven - Depending on the number of strawberries collected, the player receives a certain number of free spins, some chips, and a win multiplier when claiming free spins. - Wild Farm - Mill, the player draws special prizes. - Zombie Slot - The player draws 3-5 prizes from among the free spins, multipliers, and free chips. Do you want to see what it is like to enter this world? Prepare the necessary things, sit back and win virtual money!

Chefy-Chef (Ratalaika Games, 6th May, £4.99 / €4.99) - Pineapple-radish salad is a favorite dish of the Chef named Chefy. Once again approaching the refrigerator, Chefy magically finds himself in new worlds in which he has to find the ingredients for his favorite dish! Armed with your culinary skills and ingenuity, embark on this delicious adventure! Collect ingredients as you make your way through dense jungles, snow-capped mountains and a viscous swamp. Overcome 60 levels full of adventure and fun together with Chefy! Pick up unique cooking tools that will unlock superpowers for you, such as climbing walls with a sharp knife, teleportation with a frying pan and high jumps thanks to a cooking hammer! Search and collect secret burgers at each level, with which you can unlock new items in the Chef's wardrobe.

Citizen Sleeper (Fellow Traveller, 5th May, £16.19 / €17.99) - Live the life of an escaped worker, washed-up on a lawless station at the edge of an interstellar society. Inspired by the flexibility and freedom of Tabletop RPGs, explore the station, choose your friends, escape your past and change your future. LIFE ON ERLIN'S EYE An abandoned station on the edge of a system in crisis. Run down, chaotic, unruly, and alive—it was founded by idealists in the shadow of a corporate collapse. Now it is held together by anarchic alliances, ramshackle factions and a shared desire to be free from the gravity of corporate control. DO THE WORK. GET PAID. SURVIVE. Every cycle you get up and choose what to do with your time. Toil in the yards, or take a bar shift. Search the markets for rare components or grab some street food. Make or break alliances, uncover truths and escape those that hunt you. Learn to survive and ultimately thrive, one cycle at a time.

Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection (FIVE-BN STUDIO, 2nd May, £6.29 / €6.99) - The evil spirit tricked you. Now you have to make everything right, because others have tried and failed for centuries. . . “Darkness and Flame. Enemy in Reflection” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests. Power of the Flame is restored, Alice and her friends escaped from the Dark Army. In search of a place to rest, they stop at a strange glade and allow themselves to relax. . . However, in this new hostile world, one cannot lose its vigilance even for a minute. And the reckoning for carelessness will not take long. . . Alice finds herself dragged into a battle with the evil that is older than darkness itself. She'll have to solve questions that many generations of brave men couldn't. This time, friends won't come to the rescue - they have fallen victim to a powerful curse. Will Alice be able to make everything right?

Fly Cat (GAME NACIONAL, 7th May, £3.99 / €4.99) - This is a game where your goal is to keep pressing a button, perfect timing, to help a flying cat pass by enraged dogs.

Kid's Art Coloring Book (Soroka Games, 6th May, £4.49 / €4.99) - ‘’Kid’s Art Coloring Book» – It’s a coloring book game for kids with lots of beautiful drawings and tools that would help express feelings and develop creativity. You can color pictures or draw your own masterpieces! Share your work with your family, friends and the whole world!

Nirvana (RedDeerGames, 6th May, £5.99 / €6.99) - 80s SCI-FI NOSTALGIA Nirvana is filled with a retro sci-fi anime vibe - neon lights, beautiful women and ultra-fast spaceships. It's also an ode to classic racing games from the DOS era combined with an engaging visual novel! In addition to racing on 10 retro-themed, low poly tracks there are many decisions to make in the game, with 5 different story endings! WELCOME TO 3080 Great Ultrathought Race of the Universe (G. U. R. U for short) is where each Orbital City competes to resolve conflicts by racing down a dangerous interplanetary track. You play as a retired Eye - a guide of Nirvana Pilots. In the past, a tragedy took away your will to act - you lost your beloved through a mistake. The young pilot Yume asks for your help, however, memories come crashing back. . . Will you be able to overcome the pain and redeem your sins? PSYCHEDELIC METAL WAVE TUNES The pumping music composed by Retröxx will help you overcome speed barriers.

Raven's Hike (QUByte Interactive, 5th May, £2.69 / €2.99) - Raven’s Hike is a 2D precision platformer, challenging game that requires the player to discover the best route to finish the levels that have a little bit of puzzles, which all movement is based on the main character grappling hook. The difficulty curve gradually increases as you progress in the game, requiring a mastery control and more precise moves. Prepare your platform skills (and your grappling hook, of course) to enjoy this amazing experience. Developed by Wired Dream Studio and Published by QUByte Interactive.

Rifftrax: The Game (Wide Right Interactive, 5th May, £6.99 / €8.09) - Grab your friends and make fun of some of the worst cinematic abominations ever created. RiffTrax has been bringing their comedic commentary to movies for over 15 years - now’s your chance to riff along with them! Do you have what it takes to be the next movie riffing genius? Over 250 movie clips from RiffTrax classics such as “Rollergator”, “Attack Of The Supermonsters”, and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”! Featuring two exciting ways to play! Write your own riff and watch your comedy genius come to life via text-to-speech. Or leave it to the pros and choose from over 2,000 expertly crafted riffs from the RiffTrax team. Play head-to-head with up to 6 players using any internet connected device as controller. An additional 12 audience members can also play along. Bring the party to your friends with support for remote games, cross play, and voice chat. Streamers, get your entire chat in on the action with Twitch chat voting.

Slap the Rocks (eastasiasoft, 4th May, £3.59 / €3.99) - Block-sliding brain teasers get a fantasy adventure twist in Slap the Rocks, a retro puzzler where you play a medieval treasure hunter with a sword and a penchant for knocking stones around! Presented in top-down pixel art style, Slap the Rocks features 30 levels to explore, each with a maze of stones, bushes and stumps, where your objective is to hit and slide the white rocks into holes to create a path to reach a treasure chest! To clear each stage, you’ll need to slice through bushes and carefully navigate the terrain. Position yourself next to a stone and slap it with your blade to make it slide across the field, where it will stop as it collides with rock walls or other obstacles. Moving the stones in straight lines, you will eventually line up with pitfalls in the ground and fill them with the fallen stone. Can you overcome the increasingly tricky levels on your way to victory and fortune?

Space Lines: A Puzzle Arcade Game (RuWaMo Games, 5th May, £5.39 / €5.99) - Family friendly puzzle game for 1 to 4 players! Play alone or with friends! Conquer more than 100 stages! Battle with various creatures, traps and enjoy your space adventure. More than 30 ships to unlock! 100 stages! Playable alone or up to 4 players

Super Mike: Classic Adventure Game (T-Bull, 5th May, £8.99 / €9.99) - Dive into an adventure in a diverse world full of dangers and beautiful landscapes. Defeat your opponents, collect valuable coins, and be precise during the crossing! Are you brave enough to go on such an unpredictable journey? - Epic Boss fights! - Breathtaking graphics! - Various levels full of challenges! - Amazing Adventure!

War Mines Collection (Silesia Games, 5th May, £2.59 / €2.99) - Interact with the story of World War I (the Great War) and World War II by solving puzzles, finding land, naval, and anti-tank mines, and win the war! Clear minefields in a variety of different scenarios and guide soldiers to victory! Help clear the ground to build medical camps, airstrips for fighter planes, and more. If you like puzzles, World War I and World War II stories, and are looking for simple, minimalist fun, this is your game.

Wildcat Gun Machine (Daedalic Entertainment, 4th May, £10.39 / €11.99) - Enter a bullet hell dungeon crawler where you take on hordes of disgusting flesh beasts with a wide variety of guns, giant mech robots, and cute kittens. Explore sprawling maze-like dungeons and liberate giant mech robots from demonic elder gods. Enemy encounters are challenging and specifically designed - not randomized - to provide difficult combat puzzles. Gear Up - Mow Down - Get Killed - Retaliate! Over 40 gun types to choose from. Each has their own unique features like auto-aim bullets, long-range laser beams or exploding rounds with a huge blast radius. Super abilities that disintegrate everything on the screen! Character upgrades to suit the player’s gameplay style. Players wanting a more forgiving difficulty can increase the times they’re able to respawn, while speedrunners can upgrade their movement speed and improve their dash skill.

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