Insect Glaive
Image: Capcom

Update (19th May 13:30BST):

Capcom has now also added a video for the rather marvellous Hunting Horn, enjoy!

Original Article (18th May 13:00BST)

Though it's still over a month away (arriving on 30th June), Capcom is promoting Sunbreak - the major upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter Rise - a great deal. Recently we've had a look at the single-player Follower Quests, and it's also started a run of weapon showcase videos that highlight new moves and the upcoming 'Switch Skill Swap' ability.

In the first batch we saw Sword & Shield, Switch Axe and Heavy Bowgun, and we have another three videos to enjoy. Pleasingly this includes the Insect Glaive, which in this writer's humble opinion is the most awesome of Monster Hunter weapons, though it certainly got debuffed a bit in Rise. Lots of players master multiple weapons, but some have a favourite that they return to every time, which is an equally fun way to play.

Below are the new videos, each showcasing new Switch Skill moves:

Insect Glaive


Great Sword

And yes, Awakened Kinsect Attack does look amazing - we're sure you all agree.