MH Rise Sunbreak
Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is a marvellous videogame, but on 30th June it'll (hopefully) get even better with the arrival of its 'massive expansion' - Sunbreak. The DLC will add a new location, cast, additional and overhauled monsters, along with some interesting gameplay tweaks and mechanics.

In the latter category, we're going to have new Silkbind moves and Switch Skills, techniques that will help you take your hunting to the next level. New weapon moves are always a big deal for the more accomplished players in the game, and some of them are looking rather tasty when executed.

Capcom has released a few videos showcasing new moves, below:

Sword & Shield

Switch Axe

Heavy Bowgun

This scribe's treasured Insect Glaive is yet to feature, though in reality most hunts are spent desperately vaulting around to avoid monster attacks. We all have our preferred playstyles, ok?

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if you're planning to try out any of these moves when Sunbreak arrives on 30th June.