A new indie funding initiative is on the rise: Bright Gambit, a collective of industry veterans that have come together to provide financial and industry support to indies that need it.

Their announcement today covers the first five indie games to receive funding, and here's what Bright Gambit had to say about each one:

Lonesome Village by Ogre Pixel

Lonesome Village

A cozy, puzzle-filled life sim / adventure. This team of highly engaged developers from Mexico won our hearts over when they spoke with such passion about how they melded several different genres into the wholesome game that is Lonesome Village.

Sanya by helpnode


A 2D narrative adventure game about the warmth of fleeting childhood memories. This is such a great experience that awakened our childhood nostalgia. When we first met helpnode, their love for dogs and cute minigames shone through and we knew this was a special team we had to work with!

Kredolis by Pharos Interactive


A first-person puzzle adventure game on a beautiful island with puzzles and contraptions that will take you on a mystical journey. We are honored to be able to support such a driven and dedicated self-taught developer as they make Kredolis alongside working a 9-5 job.

Grunnd by SektaHouse


A surrealist, Lynch-inspired handcrafted adventure game with an exceptional atmosphere. Olafs as an individual is a force of nature. Most indie devs are, but his drive which sees him balance parenthood, a podcast whilst plotting global domination with his many game ideas had us captivated.

Orten Was the Case by Woodhill Interactive

Orten Was the Case

A Groundhog Day inspired detective / puzzle adventure game. Despite having extensive industry experience, Oskar needed help to take the leap to solo indie dev, and Orten Was The Case is such a beautifully handcrafted game that we couldn't wait to play and explore his interpretation of the neighborhood he grew up in.

So far, we only have confirmation of Lonesome Village coming to Switch (it's due out later this year!) but we'll keep you updated if the others come to Switch, too.

Congratulations to the developers who've been chosen, and if you are an indie developer looking for funding, check out Bright Gambit's website for instructions on how to apply!