The Switch eShop is home to plenty of interesting smaller games, a number of which slowly made their way across from Steam. Another one for the list is Moonrise Fall, developed by Made from Strings and originally released on Steam back in 2019; it hits the eShop on 3rd June.

As you can see in the video above it has a distinct style and sense of mystery to its world. The story focuses on a boy trapped in a supernatural forest after losing their parents in a car crash, while gameplay will have a mix of exploration, investigation and puzzle solving. Below is part of the official description.

- Detective: Put your observational and puzzle-solving skills to the test.
- Explore an immersive world: Rain pours, wind blows, leaves fall, insects buzz, the sun sets, the moon rises, and more in this handcrafted world.
- Night and day cycle: The world seamlessly changes between 5 times of day on its own or at your control.
- Photograph: Use the clues of the journal to discover and photograph the strange creatures (cryptids) of the forest. Check back to the journal anytime to see your photo collection.
- Investigate: Uncover many secrets including a cipher to translate an unknown language and the messages it conceals.
- Kalimba: A playable in-game instrument which can be played at the flick of a stick. Play the correct song to call down rain, summon the wind, and more.
- Music: Features an original score as well as a music system that generates different layers of music and mixes to ensure no two playthroughs are the same.
- Puzzler: Explore varied locations that bring their own unique puzzles to solve.
- Discover: Unearth multiple Easter Eggs and behind the scenes info.

It'll cost $9.99USD with regional variations and may be one to watch - let us know what you think, as always, in the comments.