GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller
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Update: Wed 11th May, 2022 13:40 BST: Jack He, business director of Gulikit, has spoken with WePC regarding the design of the KingKong 2 Pro controller and how the company intends to revolutionise analogue sticks and eliminate drifting issues:

"When I was still a student, I encountered the problem of stick drift when I used the PS1 controller with [the] thumbstick. Until now, I also have met this issue on the latest PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series controllers."

He goes onto explaining the inner workings of the analogue sticks, so this is one for all you tech-heads out there:

“Each Hall-sensing joystick has two hall sensors and two magnets. ‘Hall Effect’ is essentially the principle of the electricity difference generated when the current passes through a conductor in the magnetic field. When the sensor detects the magnetic field is working, the sensor itself has no physical contact with the magnet. Therefore, neither sensor nor magnet has physical wear against each other, and there is almost no loss [or friction] on themselves for a long time.

“Normal sticks use carbon film type potentiometer, in which there is always friction between the metal contact part and carbon film material. Over time these parts can be worn out badly and cause unknown liquids, dust, or residues inside which result in connection failure, performance degradation, and drifting is the common phenomenon.”

Jack He also hints at a potential design in the works for a smaller analogue stick, one that may well fit inside a Joy-Con:

“In fact, in the early stage of our design work, we started to design for a smaller hall-sensing electromagnetic joystick for [a] Joy-con, and we are now still working on this and will finish it soon in the near future so that it can be put into smaller devices. The current bigger hall sensing joystick was finished first in the middle of the design work for use on our controller.”

So there you have it; whilst the official Pro Controllers from Nintendo don't tend to suffer from drifting, it's another story entirely for the Joy-Con controllers. Should Gulikit follow through on its plans to create smaller sticks, we may yet see a drift-free version of the Joy-Con in the future.

If you also cast your mind back a few months, we reported on a $1,300 'rival' to the Switch that incorporates the 'Hall effect' technology mentioned earlier; we stated that the device's sticks were "highly accurate and very comfortable to use".

Original Article Tue 10th May, 2022 18:45 BST:

A new third-party 'Pro Controller' from accessories company GuliKit is aiming high, promising no analogue stick drifting thanks to its 'Electromagnetic Stick' technology.

Costing a surprisingly reasonable $70, the GuliKit KingKong Pro 2 controller also features an 'FPS Mode' which is set to boast no dead zone whatsoever. Also included is the standard Amiibo support, gyroscope gameplay, and full vibration feedback.

In its review of the controller, Gizmodo had the following to say:

"Third-party controllers have come a long way over the years, but instead of simply providing a cheaper alternative to what console makers offer, companies like 8BitDo and Scuf now offer controllers with added customizability and functionality, giving gamers more reasons to choose something other than what Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft offer. GuliKit is doing the same, but with a $70 price tag that matches the Switch Pro Controller, and the promise of never experiencing drifting joysticks again, the KingKong Pro 2 now seems like the best option for Switch gamers."

Here's a rundown of the features from the Gulikit website:

● New Patented Electromagnetic Stick,No Drifting Ever
● New Patented Button,Excellent Conductive Rubber Feel,50 million Times of Ultra-Long Life, Anti-Stuck,Anti-Disconnection
● Support Switch Console Wake-up
● Support wired and wireless connection
● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can run for up to 25 hours on a full charge.
● Exclusive FPS mode, Patented technology, 100% No Dead Zone

Nintendo have come under a lot of fire for its ongoing issues with drifting sticks, particularly on the Joy-Con controllers. Most recently, a former repairs supervisor stated that the work volume required to counter the problem was "very stressful". In more bizarre circumstances, parents are even getting their children to sue Nintendo over the drifting issues.

If this controller does what it promises and eliminates drift, then it could be a strong alternative to the official Pro Controller, even this gorgeous new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak one!

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Let us know in the comments if you're looking to purchase the GuliKit KingKong Pro 2, or if you'd prefer to opt for Nintendo's own official offering.

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