Mario Strikers Battle League
Image: Nintendo

In case you missed it, Nintendo has announced it will be supporting the upcoming release Mario Strikers: Battle League with free post-launch updates, including new characters.

It seems now we've got some additional information courtesy of Twitter user and dataminer 'Wipeoutjack7' - revealing the game's source code makes mention of 10 additional characters. The exact characters haven't been revealed just yet, but hey, it means characters such as Daisy could return.

Of course, this is all subject to change, and for now - all we know is that this post-launch content will include at least some free characters. If we did get 10 additional characters, as noted above, this would bump the full roster up to 20.

These free post-launch updates follow in the footsteps of various other first-party Nintendo releases. On the sports front, Mario Golf: Super Rush also got additional courses and characters.

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How do you feel about Nintendo and Next Level Games bolstering Mario Strikers: Battle League with additional free content? What characters would you like to see join the roster? Leave your thoughts down below.

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