Cat Mario
Image: Nintendo Life

Mario Kart Tour is continuing to truck along nicely, adding new content and events at a pretty brisk pace. The latest update, due on May 31st at 11pm PT, will introduce the Cat Tour and will naturally feature the cat costumes from Super Mario 3D World.

Better yet, the Cat Tour will bring one of Mario Kart's best tracks, one that truly levels the playing field for competitors: Baby Park. First introduced in Gamecube's Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Baby Park has since gone on to feature in Mario Kart DS and both versions of Mario Kart 8. Its simplistic 'Nascar' layout has proven a hit with fans over the years, particularly when you factor in the sheer chaos that ensues when you break out items like the Bullet Bill, Invincibility, and Blue Shells.

Not only that, but the Cat Tour will also introduce Wave 7 of the Mii Racing Suits, bringing a lovely cat-themed suit to the game that you can pop onto your favourite Mii and look almost as cool as Cat Mario himself.

You can bet we'll be trying out Baby Park when it lands on May 31st; hopefully it holds up just as well on Mario Kart Tour as it does on the other games.

Will you be trying out the new Cat Tour when it lands? Fire a comment down below and let us know!