have you ever wanted to have a dance-off with your Pokémon? How about rearing a weird and wonderful farm? Or pop a little hat on your Piplup? Well, Glumberland's Ooblets will let you do all of that and more.

Inspired by the Pokémon series with a big dollop of Harvest Moon's farming and town management, this weird and adorable has been in Early Access since 2020, and it's finally ready to jump out of it this summer — and it's coming to Switch! In Ooblets, you'll get to raise a quirky menagerie of unusual, pastel-coloured creatures and forge relationships with the townsfolk to help solve the mystery of Oob!

All of the content released in Early Access will be playable on Switch from day one, but Glumberland has also revealed that more new locations, quests, and a proper conclusion to the game's community-based story will also be ready and waiting when the game launches. The residents of Badgetown are odd, the ooblets are odd, and the crops are odd too!

Let's find out what oddities Glumberland will be throwing at us, which it revealed in a press release for the game, along with a bunch of pun-filled location names:

About Ooblets
New friends are plentiful in Ooblets! Spend your days renovating your farm, raising weird little pals, participating in dance-offs, designing your house, and helping the mayor save Badgetown!

1. Customize your character's style with a variety of unique outfits and accessories
2. Grow otherworldly crops on your farm, craft treats, and sell them in town
3. Build your own team of ooblets to participate in card-based dance battles, level up, and unlock new moves
4. Daily challenges, dance tournaments, townsfolk quests, and badges will keep you very busy
5. Give gifts and make friends with the kinda-odd residents of Badgetown
6. Start with a rundown shack and turn it into a beautiful home with tons of decor and furniture options
7. Play a plethora of pleasant minigames
8. Run your own shop in town selling items you’ve crafted and collected
9. Help the mayor save the town, and unlock the secrets of Oob along the way
10. Get to know the townsfolk and befriend them if you'd like!
11. Explore a bunch of regions, like the arcade-filled boardwalk in Port Forward, the spooky swamps of Nullwhere, and the frozen peaks of Tippytop
12. (and you can pet the ooblets)

We don't have an exact release date for Ooblets just yet, but we're going to make room in our schedule for when it drops this summer. You can find out more about the game over on its official website.

What do you think of Ooblets? Have you had a chance to play it in Early Access? Share your thoughts in the usual spot.