The Switch has a good number of strategy games, but next year we'll get a real time strategy title - a subgenre a little less represented on Nintendo's system. Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean is coming in 2023, developed by Mercat Games and published by Ultimate Games S.A., but will make its debut with a demo on 13th June as part of the Steam Next festival.

It's a while away on Switch, of course, and the trailer above (and the upcoming demo) represent early footage. The gameplay and concept looks like it could be fun, blending Desperados-style gameplay with all the pirate-themed tropes you could wish for, including some supernatural elements.

Below is a breakdown of features from the press release.

  • Real-time tactical stealth game
  • An intriguing world of pirate adventures and legends
  • Many paths to success
  • High difficulty level
  • Side quests and secrets
  • The Caribbean during the golden age of piracy
  • Original soundtrack

Certainly one to follow ahead of its arrival in 2023; are you interested on this based on the early look and details?