We promised you we'd be back with another Fire Emblem Friday, didn't we? Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes' latest trailer features the third and final of the main three houses from Fire Emblem: Three Houses — The Golden Deer, led by the charismatic Claude von Riegan.

The yellow banner follows the Blue Lions and Black Eagles to showcase what they'll bring to battle. Claude is seen riding a wyvern; Hilda returns with her axe in hand; Raphael hammers opponents down with his gauntlets; Lysithea sets the field alight with magic; Lorenz brings roses on horseback; Ignatz showcases his archery skills; Marianne can summon a horse; finally, Leonie finishes the charge.

Nintendo UK has generously shared some more icons, so wear your Golden Deer pride...proudly:

That's all three main houses covered. However, the Cindered Shadows DLC gave us a secret fourth house — The Ashen Wolves. There are also a few other characters from the main game who haven't yet made an appearance. Will we be seeing them? Or will there be anyone new alongside Shez?

We're less than a month away from the game's release now, so if you haven't already, grab your copy from one of the many retailers listed in here:

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Don't let the blood rush to your head! Let us know if The Golden Deer is your favourite house in the comments!

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