The Last Worker is an intriguing title that continues to gather pace ahead of its release this year. With a dystopian setting in which a worker tries to get by and unravel mysteries within a vast distribution warehouse, it looks set to combine intriguing story-telling with exploration and puzzle gameplay. A fresh trailer is above.

It has an all-star cast, too, including Jason Isaac, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Clare-Hope Ashitey and David Hewlett. Publisher Wired Productions has now unveiled another two members of the voice cast.

They are Zelda Williams and Tommie Earl Jenkins. The latter has done a great deal of video game and voice work, with a particularly memorable turn as Die-Hardman in Death Stranding. Zelda Williams has worked extensively in TV and film, while also voicing Amaya Blackstone in King's Quest - Chapter III: Once Upon a Climb.

The game's writer and director, Jörg Tittel, says the following in the press release confirming the news.

Working with such a stellar cast would be miraculous enough on a major feature film or series. But to have such world class actors lend their talent to an indie game must make me the luckiest man alive. But ultimately this game has been an equaliser, with every team member pouring heart and soul into every minute detail. No matter how dystopian they want to make the real world, ours at least will be full of colour and crafted with love.

The Last Worker will be playable for the public, for the first time, this weekend at PAX East in Boston. Let us know if this one's on your radar for later this year!