If you're a fan of Fortnite-style third-person shooters or the free-to-play action-RPG phenomenon (that was supposed to be coming to Switch, remember?) Genshin Impact... well, you're probably best off sticking to those unless you're a sucker for a Super Soaker.

Yes, Waifu Impact is coming to Switch on 28th April from publisher JanduSoft and developer Mitsuki Game Studio, and it's none too subtle about the influences being invoked through its visuals and general premise. Island? Check. Genshin-style logo? Obvs. Anime ladies with water guns and bikinis? Natch.

Oddly, the game isn't multiplayer, though. Let's take a look at the official press release blurb and get the full rundown:

Waifu Impact is a Single-player and Third-person Shooter video game set on a desert island paradise.

It's so hot, so why don't you come to Waifu Island?. The cutest girls are waiting for you, let's have some fun!. Watergun in hand, find all the stars and unlock the 6 beautiful girls! Increase your affinity with the girls defeating your enemies with them and then check out the gallery to see what they have for you!

- Third person shooter in a paradise island.
- Explore the map to get all the stars and unlock new waifus.
- A single player experience. Shoot and defeat all enemies for unlocking news characters.

We have to say that, graphically, if doesn't look too bad — better than you might expect for $4.99. Whether the gameplay can rival the free-to-play titans it's obviously inspired by is another question entirely. We'll keep an open mind. We could be looking at a GOTY here! The lack of multiplayer is going to hurt it, although we'd hazard a guess that fast, frantic third-person shooting action isn't entirely the point of this release.

The game's been available on Steam since 23rd April last year and has a 'Very Positive' rating from 85 players at the time of writing. We won't link here as it contains a "Nudity Mode" that's showcased on the Steam page. It remains to be seen if the Switch version will arrive feature-complete, so to speak.

Let us know below if the trailer above had an impact on you.