Back in November, we thought Captain U would be the last Wii U game released on the system. But, thanks to Markanime, that's not the case.

Pad of Time is a 2.5D platformer inspired by N64 classics that lets you travel between the past, present, and future of every single level. We hear you, Sonic CD fans! And we don't need to travel too far into the future to play it, as the game launches on 13th April.

There are no Time Warps to run through here; you can swap between the three time periods whenever you want at the touch of your screen. It's also got a bit of a Paper Mario vibe, with 2D character models and polygonal backgrounds with tons of colour and depth to them.

And don't worry, folks, if you don't still have your Wii U (gasp! How could you?), the game is also coming to Switch. But the Wi U release has a really neat little mode that lets you play through the entire game like it's a Game Boy game, changing up the visuals to those blocky sepia and green tones we so fondly remember.

Here's what we should expect from Pad of Time, straight from the press kit:

Pad of Time is a classic action-adventure game with a Nintendo 64 retro aesthetic with a twist! In this game, you’re able to use a time machine to swap between the past, present, and future of every level.

Our main characters are ready to mess up with “the time-line” for their own benefits and face tough bosses.

Key Features
- Classic platformer game 2.5D graphics with Nintendo 64 retro aesthetic (Paper Mario)
- Time traveling, experience the past, present, and future of every level
- 3 Playable Characters with unique abilities balanced, fast and strong
- Kawaii Chibi looking characters that fits perfectly with Nintendo Systems
- Play the entire game with a Gameboy look [Exclusive feature on Wii U]
- Based on an online animated web series
- Game developed by a solo indie game dev as a side project

Main Characters

The main characters are three brothers: Mark, July, and Art.

Mark, the geek brother. He created the Pad of Time and only wants to test it. His abilities are balanced and he is recommended for beginners.

July, the smart and skilled sister. She wants to know more about the time itself. This character is always wearing roller skates and moves fast, if you’re an experienced gamer, this is your character.

Art, the big brother, he owns a museum and wants to get valuable pieces from the past, this character is the slowest but jumps higher, if you have already beaten a level, Art will be useful for replayability.

It sounds pretty darn fun, but it also looks great. We love those background visuals that pop with colour, and the Game Boy mode is an adorable little touch.

Don't forget, Nintendo recently announced that the Wii U eShop is closing next March, so if you want to get Pad of Time on your trusty ol' Wii U, then you'll need to get in pretty fast.

What do you think of Pad of Time? And will we see any more Wii U releases soon? Let us know in the comments!