A brand new update for the hit pixel sandbox game Terraria launches today, publisher 505 Games and developer Re-Logic has announced, and it's a big one.

This update adds a brand new world seed called The Constant, which is inspired by the whimsical, creepy worlds of Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion to the survival game Don't Starve. Players will have access to tons of new bosses, items, equipment, emotes, weapons, and even some new pets.

Version 1.4.3 doesn't just bring lots of new things to the table but also introduces a lot of fixes and improvements too. Here's everything being updated to the Switch version of the game:

The Don’t Starve crossover content is now available also on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Mobile!
- New items and pets
- A new boss: Deerclops
- A new special seed world
- Emotes
- There are 3 new achievements to unlock:
- Just Desserts!
- Boots of the Hero
- Hey! Listen!
- You can now customize the color of your cursor!
- Credits roll can be accessed directly from the front end now
- In Settings, you can now choose between different expand/collapse/close profiles for UI pages

Wiring has been improved and optimized
- We have improved the existing filter & search mechanics in Crafting and Duplication
- Now you can reset settings on a tab level, without having to reset everything
- World selection screen has been improved and displays some more info
- Some UI pages such as the the Reforge menu and some storage pets now have a dedicated icon
- You can now toggle between Crafting and Duplication without having both menus associated to a page group
- Expanded/Collapsed/Closed page statuses are saved between sessions

Fixed a crash issue when trying to open the Painter’s shop during Christmas
- Fixed an issue where the game would crash during multiplayer when reopening a chest while the inventory was open
- Fixed a crash issue when placing furniture while building from the inventory
- Fixed issues where some world objects were incorrectly positioned when on reverse gravity
- Fixed a minor issue where some text editing fields (such as Chest) would accept unlimited characters
- Fixed an issue where the placement grid would disappear when cycling between non-grid to grid items

Terraria 1.4.3 Thumbnail 1080 1 (1)
Image: Re-Logic

Sounds like a healthy update to us! Terraria has been on mobile devices for almost a decade, and to see it continually getting new updates is amazing.

If you're still playing the game, let us know if you're checking out the brand new update in the comments!