Rogue Legacy, which came out originally in 2013 and then on Switch in 2019, was a tongue-in-cheek take on the roguelike genre: Whenever your character dies during one of the dungeon-crawl segments, their role as the hero is taken up by one of their children. Each child will have a unique characteristic that maps roughly and crudely onto real-world genetic conditions, from colour blindness (which makes the game black-and-white) to dwarfism (which makes the character short), which significantly affect the run.

The sequel, Rogue Legacy 2, was announced back in April 2020, and after almost two years in Early Access, it's finally coming to console. Unfortunately for us, that console is the Xbox — but the fact that it's Xbox One and Series X/S only gives us hope that it's merely a timed exclusive, and that we'll eventually get Rogue Legacy 2 in our grubby, Joy-Con holding mitts as well.

Since the game has been in Early Access for two years already, we can take a look at what people think of it so far in the Steam reviews:

"Already better than rogue legacy 1"

"A great Improvement over the first game"

"Not quite a fun game - yet - but close!"

"Genuinely fun game bogged down by weird mechanics"

"Fair warning: It's quite difficult, but over time you can also upgrade your stats and gear to make it easier."

New features in the game include the ability to take on "debilitating" traits in the game for greater rewards, new systems like Heirlooms, which are powers that "fundamentally change how you play", and Relics, which range from special challenges to new abilities. Also, clowns? Clowns.


New traits include Antiquarian (makes the graphics look a bit like a Game Boy game), Associative Agnosia (pixellates all enemies), Synesthesia (makes everything pretty colours, oooh), and Hyperflatulence (farts).

The release date (on PC and Xbox) is April 28th, 2022.

Do you want to see Rogue Legacy 2 on Switch, or are you fine with missing out (or playing on another platform)? Let us know in the comments!