Sonic Passion & Pride
Image: Sega

It's still 2022, and Wordle is still a thing. The popular online word game — which The New York Times bought earlier in the year — took over social media for weeks. And while the furor has died down a little, it hasn't stopped many from jumping on the craze.

You could play Wordle on your old Game Boy if you so wanted, or perhaps you want to test your Pokémon knowledge. Recently, 'Heardle' because a thing, and it's exactly what you think it is — a daily game to guess what the song is in the shortest amount of time. Who needs words when you can just, y'know, listen? Video game music isn't included in this game, which has inspired fans to make their own versions of the popular music guessing game.

Thus, Sonic Heardle is a thing. Created by Turquoise Coast, every day gives you a brand new track from one of the many Sonic the Hedgehog games, and you need to guess which song is playing in as few tries as possible.

Now, we all know how brilliant the music is throughout the Sonic series, but guess music faster than the blue blur can run? That's a whole other issue. While there are iconic songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Mania, Turquoise Coast has said they will be adding more obscure titles into the guessing game. So we suppose we should expect some lovely bleeps and bloops from Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Battle?

So go on, why not give it a go? At the worst, you get to listen to some fantastic tunes. In the coming days, we think this will challenge even the most hardcore Sonic fans. Some of us admittedly took more than a few chances to get today's song, so why not see how you fare against us by popping over to the website.

Keep us updated with how you do, and let us know what other video game franchises should get the Heardle treatment in the comments!