Aquarium Lookin'
Image: Kate Gray

Back in 2021, Japanese aquarium Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise held an Animal Crossing: New Horizons tie-in event, which allowed visitors to take part in a real-life stamp rally just like in the game.

Obviously, there was zero hope that most of us could visit without already being in Japan, but luckily for us, one insider recorded some of the experience and posted it on TikTok, allowing us to live the dream vicariously!

The exhibit had Animal Crossing-themed cards to fill in, plus information plaques about the animals that featured museum/aquarium curator Blathers talking about each one. And, of course, the aquarium gift shop was full of Animal Crossing-themed stuff, including (from the looks of things) some of Japan's Gelato Pique X Animal Crossing items.

There were passports for each visitor, which allowed you to fill in your own "photo" (this particular visitor appears to have drawn herself and her husband's Animal Crossing characters) alongside some basic details, just like the passport in the game.

There were ten stamps to collect in total, which were themed around Animal Crossing villagers: Molly, Lily, Octavian, Goldie, Peanut, Fauna, Curt, Aurora, Alfonso, and Rocco. There was apparently also one "special" stamp, which looks like it was the entire group in one stamp.

The event was held between the 12th of July and the 31st August, 2021, but maybe it could come back this year following the renewed interest in Animal Crossing after the massive Autumn 2021 update. And maybe, mayyyybe it could come to somewhere near us... But we'd probably have more luck just going to a random aquarium and speaking in Animalese the whole time.