Kirby Rock.PNG
Image: Nintendo / Suntory

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been bringing colour and joy for over a week now, rewarded with positive word of mouth and impressive sales; it's reportedly had the best ever launch for the IP in Japan. The praise has been widespread, and plenty of us have been happily enjoying all things Kirby since its launch.

A recent addition is a rather cool collaboration in Japan with Suntory's Craft Boss Coffee brand. A promotional website has been setup, along with some awesome concept art showcasing four different music genres.

Truly on another level, though, are videos for each theme. They all remix the iconic Kirby theme in unique ways, with some fun animations - check them out below.

They're all good, but it has to be Rock Kirby for us.

So, if you're in Japan be sure to go out and get yourself a Craft Boss K(C)offee.