Nintendo is cranking up its advertising for next week's Nintendo Switch Sports. Makes sense — this is their Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort successor, and a lot of people are rightfully excited.

One of Wii Sports' most defining parts is its iconic title screen music. It's an absolute jam, and we challenge you not to get nostalgic over it. Nintendo UK is hoping they'll be able to capture that same magic again with the main theme of their upcoming sports game.

We think it's pretty darn good! It's hard to top the original, but this new theme definitely has that same energetic, jolly feel to it. Sounds like all of the same digital instruments have been used, too. We don't know if this was composed by Kazumi Totaka — who was responsible for the original bop, among many other Nintendo compositions — but we hope so!

What's perhaps more surprising is Nintendo posting its music on YouTube. There's been a lot of discussion over the years about Nintendo's approach to its soundtracks, with it continually removing uploads on the video-sharing platform, so it's unusual to see the company share its own music.

Have a listen to the theme above and air your opinions on the music in the comments!