Star War

Apologies for the Phantom Menace spoilers, but quite frankly, Anakin Skywalker might not have become such a whiny, genocidal grown-up if someone had just given him a mild, non-lethal lightsabering as a kid.

In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you can attempt to end the Skywalker Saga before it even begins, but the LEGO developers saw it coming, and have apparently turned off damage on child characters. In isolation, this totally makes sense: The only kind of person who would willingly kill younglings is probably a pretty evil guy, but also, can we not kill this one child to save a bunch of future children? What a philosophical conundrum we have on our hands.

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Or not. Some players have absolutely no qualms about showing Anakin Skywalker what the inside of a lightsaber looks like:

But, and this is a strange sentence out of context, not being able to damage children actually turns out to be a good thing, because you can use it in the game as an exploit to go to areas you might not be able to reach otherwise, as seen in this clip where Qui-Gon Jinn goes ham on a 9-year-old:

Again, we do not condone trying to slice children in half with a laser-sword. But if this one child was accidentally fed to the Sarlacc, preferably before the pod-racing segment of The Phantom Menace, we might be tempted to look the other way.

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