Piranha Plant
Image: Nintendo Life

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced its intention to open Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, after the roaring success of its debut theme park in Osaka, Japan.

It looks like development of the new attraction is coming on nicely, thanks to a recent video taken by theme park enthusiast Ethan Becker (via Theme Park Tribune). In Ethan's photos, you'll be able to see that the pyramids in the desert area look to be complete, but perhaps more interestingly, you can clearly see a couple of Piranha Plants installed, currently wrapped up to protect their pretty heads.

Bowser's Castle is also looking pretty nice, with all three main turrets fully installed. Overall, while the park certainly looks pretty similar to Japan's version, it does look like some of the aesthetic - such as the addition of the pyramids - will set the Hollywood theme park apart from its Osaka sibling.

We'll be keeping an eye on the development of the park over the coming weeks and months. We've still got a little while to go until its completion, however, with Nintendo setting a '2023' opening window for customers.

What do you think of the developments made on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know with a comment!

[source youtube.com, via themeparktribune.com]