Oh Nintendo, we can't believe we ever doubted you. We thought you would let another Mar10 Day go by without fanfare, or worse — like actively removing Mario stuff from our lives — but you proved us all wrong!

Today on this more Mario of days, we have a new and exciting announcement: Super Nintendo World, following its success at Universal Studios Japan, will be coming to the US, too.

And... that's about all we know! Will it be a similar experience to the Japanese one, which is largely focused on the overall ~vibe~ of Super Mario with one or two ride experiences and cafés, or will it be Big Rollercoasters? Probably not. But wouldn't you love to ride the rocket coaster from Super Mario Sunshine? Or the minecart from Donkey Kong? Or literally any of the Mario Kart 8 tracks? C'mooon!!

Nintendo's Head of 3rd Party Portfolio Management, John Vignocchi, posted a photo of the in-progress park:

You can read all about Japan's Super Nintendo World by clicking here, and then let us know which bits you'd love to see in the US version! Is it the food? The merch? The huggable, lifesize Toad? It's the Toad, isn't it? TELL US IT'S THE TOAD.