Dinosaur park simulator Parkasaurus is coming to Switch on 28th April. That's probably not enough time to run away and hide in a cubicle, but there might not be any need to as the dinosaurs are neon and utterly adorable.

This Jurassic Park and Zoo Tycoon crossover from Washbear Studio — probably the cutest studio name we've ever seen — puts you in charge of a dinosaur park. Not only do you have to encourage the park's visitors to spend money, but you also have to ensure that your little (big?) dino friends are happy! Probably so they don't eat anyone, right? But how can that big, purple lizard dare eat anyone? It's way too cute...

The idea for Parkasaurus actually came from the developer's partner, who made a binder full of coloured construction paper with dinosaur management ideas. The whole game has been made by only two people (who previously worked on Guacamelee!) which is a huge feat considering the number of variables and amount of customisation these games let you have!

This is what you can expect when you first get your hands on your dino park:

- Exhibit Design: Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere - the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all make a difference.
- Park Creation and Management: Wisely spend resources to build the ultimate Dino Park and turn a profit to ensure future stability.
- Guest Monetization: By reading reviews and observing your guests, fine tune your parks flow and arrangement to maximize happiness.
- Employee Management: Level up rookie hires or bring on established veterans to help run your park smoothly.
- Time Travel for Dino Eggs: Go back in time to retrieve the hottest (and oldest) Dino Eggs.
- Chaotic Dino Escapes: Handle with care your Dino rampages by switching into first-person view.
-Year-Round Challenges: Manage unexpected weather disasters and the expected demands of each season.

So, hold on, not only are we going to be raising dinosaurs in a big park, but we can also time travel, and we might also have to stop rampages? We hope the paycheck is good, at least... We keep saying it's cute, but these things have teeth!

Parkasaurus' low poly visuals do a ton to add to the game's charm, too, making it a real irresistible package for anyone who loves sim management-type games. You can take a little look at all of the systems and a handful of dinosaur varieties — including ones wearing hats — in the screens below.

You can start running your very own dino park when Parkasaurus stomps onto the eShop next week, on 28th April, for $24.99 / £18.89. The game has a 94% positive rating on Steam, which is pretty darn good!

Will you be picking up Parkasaurus? Have you played the game on Steam before? Let us know in the comments.