The Switch isn't exactly short of shoot 'em ups, making it the go-to system for blasting stuff in fantastical environments. You can never have too many shmups, though, and another is on the way that's aiming to shake things up with a twist of its own - P.3.

It draws inspiration from retro arcades with a vertical orientation, with some fun variable borders depending on the stage. The 'twist' is that you only have two buttons (presumably a face button and a direction on the D-Pad, for example); you use these to go left and right, which will also fire your weapon. While flying straight your cannon won't fire, and you use your Special by pressing left and right together.

You can see some official details below.

- Arcade action and retro vibe
- Easy to learn controls, hard to master gameplay
- 5 Stages with boss fights
- Many upgrades and weapon alternatives
- Old-school graphics and pumping soundtrack

It's due out later this year on Switch, so we'll see how it shapes up!