Remember Mineko's Night Market? It was originally announced in August 2018 by Meowza games, and is a narrative-driven lifestyle game about a girl named Mineko who has just arrived at her new home on an island.

While it was due to arrive some time ago, it seems the developer has had some setbacks. It's now released a development update, and the good news is the game is still on the way to Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms.

Here's the full development update:

Mineko's Night Market
Image: @MinekosMarket

This is a game about "crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats" - promising hours of exploration across four seasons of Mt. Fugu. Players will also have the ability to befriend and barter with dozens of townsfolk, and help neighbours to restore the struggling village back to its former glory while crafting all sorts of items.

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