Dragon View
Image: Kemco

We have another beautiful-looking Limited Run Games release for you today — or in this case, a rerelease. The video game distributor has announced a brand new retro release for the SNES side-scrolling action RPG Dragon View.

Limited Run revealed the rerelease of this cult classic yesterday, complete with a green SNES cartridge:

This limited edition is simple but a must-have for collectors, complete with a SNES-style box and a manual. It's a neat little package that'll have retro fans swooning. The game will cost $59.99 and is available from Limited Run Games' store to pre-order from this Friday.

Dragon View first launched for the Super Nintendo back in 1994 in Japan and North America and is part of the Drakkhen series. We'd describe the game ourselves, but the original description is way better than anything else we could come up with:

Warrior! Open Your Eyes! This is the future of gaming! Look. Before you leap. This isn't some corny collection of cardboard dungeons and Dragons. It's a brilliant new vision of RPG action adventure. With an incredible hero's-eye-view of the danger. Through caves of fire and Meadows of Ice. Against brutal demons and unforeseen evils. All the way to a showdown you'll never forget. Bring your bow, your sword, your magic, and don't blink -or your doomed!

These games are renowned for using a custom overworld engine that has multiple features, including the ability to render 3D-esque visuals (more depth) without the aid of the Super FX chip/ The game got a Steam rerelease in 2019, which was the first time it was playable in Europe.

This Limited Run rerelease will be available to pre-order from 29th April at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST, and you'll have until 29th May at 8:59pm PDT / 11:59pm EDT, or 30th May 4:59am BST to secure your order.

Will you be picking this up? Let us know in the comments.

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