Kirby Bag

Oh no. Kirby's gone Mouthful Mode on the groceries again. Quick, get the spatula and the olive oil! We need those carrots for dinner!

Unwanted grocery consumption aside, this new My Nintendo reward (now available in North America) is a rather welcome addition to the catalogue of Things To Buy With Your Mountain Of Platinum Points. If you don't want a notepad or another bloody phone holder thingy, you've been rather out of luck lately — but everyone needs more shopping bags, don't they?

This Kirby bag features the pink lad on one side, walking through the Forgotten Land of his latest game, and on the other side, his big squashy face. He costs 600 points, and folds up nicely into a Kirby-branded pocket for easy storage.

The link to get your own Kirbag is right here, but if that doesn't work, try this one instead — we had some issue with the site telling us that our item limit had been reached.

Don't forget you'll have to pay shipping, too! But at least the Kirby bag is more obtainable (and less criminal) than a Kirby ball, eh?