Pokemon Sword Shield Trainer Versus Milo
Image: The Pokémon Company

The 2022 Pokémon Europe International Championships took place this weekend. The tournament brought many Pokémon fans to Frankfurt, Germany for the very first International Championships of the 2022 season.

If you're not in the know, the Championships pit players against each other in various different aspects of the Pokémon franchise, from the video games to the Trading Card Game. Victory ensures that the winner will get a place at the Pokémon World Championships, which take place in London, England, and take place on the weekend of 18th - 21st August.

At this year's tournament in Germany, players competed in the Trading Card Game, Pokémon GO, Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Pokkén Tournament DX, and the competition sounds like it was a cracker!

Here are the winners of each of the divisions.

Trading Card Game Junior Division:
1st place: Nathan Osterkatz [US]
2nd place: Luka Levain [FR]

Trading Card Game Senior Division:
1st place: Caleb Rogerson [US]
2nd place: Roberto Costanzo [FR]

Trading Card Game Masters Division:
1st place: Gustavo Wada [BR]
2nd place: Frank Percic [US]

Video Game Junior Division:
1st place: Alexander Musikant [DE]
2nd place: Francesca Zaglio [IT]

Video Game Senior Division:
1st place: Nicholas Kan [AU]
2nd place: Alessandro Marchionne [IT]

Video Game Masters Division:
1st place: Eric Rios [ES]
2nd place: Oliver Eskolin [FI]

Pokémon GO Senior Division:
1st place: Maxwell Ember (MEweedle) [GB]
2nd place: Stefan Cojocaru (KrowMDIV) [DE]

Pokémon GO Masters Division:
1st place: Jakub Zatloukal (Aeeriils) [CZ]
2nd place: Domnik Wieber (Fr43ka) [DE]

Pokkén Tournament DX Senior Division:
1st place: Fardin Rahman Mikan (Royume) [DE]

Pokkén Tournament DX Masters Division:
1st place: Florian Blank (Cloud) [DE]
2nd place: Motochika Nabeshim (Elm) [JP]

We want to take a moment to congratulate the winners, the runners-up, and everyone who took part and made the Championships happen. And a bit of extra good luck to the winners in Germany for this August, when you'll play against another slew of extremely skilled Pokémon players.

Did you attend the Championship in Frankfurt? Will you be going to the World Championships in London this summer? Let us know.

[source gamespress.com]