Are you ready for another brand new Game Boy game? Just recently, we reported on Bitmap Soft's brand new puzzler In The Dark for the Game Boy, and now the company is back with Glory Hunters, an action RPG that focuses on unlocking achievements for progression. It also happens to look a lot like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which we're ecstatic about!

The project is live now on Kickstarter, with Bitmap Soft looking for 800,000 MX$ (roughly just under $40,000 USD) to fully fund the project. At the time of writing, about a quarter of the total goal has been funded with another 44 days to go.

The game itself focuses on 'glory points', a unique type of currency that's used to open up new paths and explore the wider world. Unlocking glory points is very much like achievements; you complete certain objectives like collecting materials, completing quests, and defeating groups of enemies.

Here are some features directly from Bitmap Soft:

- Players can freely choose where to go and discover different zones with unique minigames, enemies, and eccentric characters!
- You can also upgrade your health, buy more items, and even hire people to help you on this quest. You are free to spend glory points to create your very own experience!
- Be careful on how to spend your glory points, though; the next achievement might become harder to get.
- Attempt to save the land by awakening one of four gods and cleanse the shameful monsters that lurk in the shadows.

This might be the perfect game to add to your collection if you own - or are planning to own - the new Analogue Pocket. Alternatively, you can grab the 'cheap and dinky' Miyoo Mini if the illusive Analogue Pocket is currently beyond your reach. Of course, if you have the original Game Boy, you're all set!

Will you be pledging for Glory Hunters on Kickstarter? Are you glad to see new games coming to the Game Boy? Let us know!