Pigminted BotW
Image: @Pigminted

We love physical goodies here at Nintendo Life and we'd wager a lot of our readers would sooner go for a boxed copy of a game rather than download it from the eShop. Although digital gaming is on the rise, there's something special about displaying a game you love proudly on your shelf. Well, thanks to user 'Pigminted' over on Etsy, you can now get wooden recreations of your favourite video game boxes to keep and love forever.

We first took notice of Pigminted when one of the store's tweets started doing the rounds depicting a gorgeous recreation of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker box art on Gamecube:

After picking our jaws up off the ground, we thought we'd check out the store on Etsy to see what else was on offer, and it turns out Pigminted has created a vast range of wooden artwork based on video game box arts, menu screens, magazine covers, and more. It's quite astounding, and we've collated some of our favourite pieces here – you'll find links to purchase all of these at the bottom of this article.

Pigminted Nintendo Power
Image: @Pigminted

Pigminted Melee
Image: @Pigminted

There are plenty more to see over on Etsy, including representations of franchises from PlayStation, Xbox, and Dreamcast, along with the option to request a custom order. It's definitely a different way of showing your love for classic Nintendo games, and might be the perfect solution if you missed out on a physical copy back in the day.

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