Light-hearted shmup Cotton Fantasy finally has a release date on Switch. We originally expected to get the game towards the start of the year, but publisher ININ Games has revealed the witch-based shoot 'em up is coming to consoles on 20th May.

The latest entry in the long-running Cotton series sees Cotton and Silk reunite to save Fairyland. You'll blast through adorable, oversized creatures while riding your broom through the skies. Known as Cotton Rock 'n' Roll in Japan, the game launched overseas last December, but we couldn't wait that long, so we imported and reviewed it, awarding the game eight out of ten:

Strictly Limited has a bunch of different limited editions, which you can have a gander at and pre-order here, or you can pick up a standard copy from Amazon below.

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And in case you've forgotten what makes this game so magical, here are the details straight from ININ:

Cotton Fantasy is a brand-new entry in the Cotton series that sees Cotton and Silk embark on another adventure, this time in high-definition graphics and with modernized gameplay, but true to its roots!

Something sinister is in the making—the willows are vanishing from Fairyland and the Fairy Queen entrusts Silk with solving the case. Who could be behind this devious ploy? For a promised lifetime all-you-can-eat supply of tasty willows, the little witch Cotton is willing to help her old friend out and embark on another adventure together.

- HD graphics and brand-new shoot ’em up game mechanics.
- 6 iconic, playable characters to choose from, each with different mechanics and attacks, even including guest characters like Umihara Kawase (from the equally named series) and Luffee from Doki Doki Poyacchio.
- Easily accessible shoot ’em up gameplay, perfect for newcomers, but with enough depth for veterans.
- 16 colorful and varied scrolling stages, with vertical, horizontal, and 3D movement.
- Light-hearted story with fun and charming cutscenes voiced entirely in Japanese (English subtitles included).
- Exhilarating soundtrack featuring iconic remastered tracks from past games.
- Unlockable content and different characters offer high replayability.
- Aim for the high score in your nation with the featured ranking boards.

Check out our interview with the developers of Cotton Fantasy from earlier this year, where the team discuss the possibility of making a follow-up to this brand new release:

Will you be picking up Cotton Fantasy on 20th May? Let us know in the comments.